President’s Message

 Welcome to the Association of Nepalis in the Americas’ Website.

ANA was founded in 1983 with a mission to foster Nepali culture and language, and to help unite Nepalis
in North America. The organization has done many charitable things, while preserving Nepali culture,
tradition and togetherness in this adopted land. During all natural disasters and democratic movements,
ANA extended its hand heavily. It is full of storied history and helped many people already directly and
partnering with other organizations.

Our annual convention is the de facto national celebration during July forth weekend. People convene,
greet and enjoy having each other’s company. The convention has been the meeting points for all sorts of
people and they turned out to be fruitful for life long. There are so many good stories like marriages,
businesses and organizations being born after ANA meeting.

After 35 years being in business, ANA has recently re-envisioned its mission. We are committed to create
a single working platform for people of North American Diaspora and it the demand of time. And we
would like to involve our new generation into ANA activities by creating new programs like “mapping our
roots”. The children and grand children can go back to their family roots for community services.

I welcome all of you and let us make a difference together. And there is nothing better than giving back to

Thank you,
Medini Adhikari
Association of Nepalis in the Americas (ANA)

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