ANA July Fourth Convention is over three decades of Nepali tradition in North ​America.The event is three days of extravaganza; full of entertainment, sports activities, informative forums and interaction of the Nepali Diasporas in the world.The tradition began from someone’s house in 1983 and gradually grew up to be, now widely known as the ANA convention. The convention has drawn up to five thousand people in the past and remain to be the only event to draw such participation in a single event outside Nepal.The event begins on Friday of the July fourth weekend and ends on Monday morning.The ​F​r​iday​ event is usually focused on registration,​ literary event, organized by ANA partner, International Nepali literary society (INLS), interaction and light entertainment.Saturday’s event begins with inauguration and opening of the convention, followed by informative and interactive forums on various topics. The evening is all entertainment with cultural programs followed by DJ night and dance.Sunday’s event begins with more forums followed by long interactive and get to know sessions. Sunday also usually draws huge crowd because of the evening gala of fashion show, talent show and famous Nepali band play. In between the fashion and talent gala, sports players are recognize​d and awarded for the championship​ play​ during the dinner banquet session. The Sunday entertainment ends way into the Monday morning with another DJ music and dance session.
In over thirty three years of ANA’s​ history​, ANA ​conventions ​ha​ve​ been able to bring thousands of people together, help give birth to many, now, well known Nepali organizations in America and provided platform for many to formulate business ideas.The July fourth ANA convention is the once a year event in America, which is as iconic as Nepali Diasporas in North America.